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We are looking for more Motivation and Concentration for your office.

Lights that are too dim or too harsh will directly affect worker performance in an office environment. When lighting is inadequate, eyes must work that much harder to see, causing unnecessary eye strain, headaches, fatigue, and lack of focus.


Office workplaces

Proper lighting is crucial for workplace productivity and often influences
employee perception, mood, and performance. Studies have proven that
harsh and inadequate lighting decreases everyday productivity. By opting
LED lights which mimic natural light and have higher CRI, business
owners all over the world are improving productivity among employees and create the perfect work environment. This is probably the biggest
benefit of using LED lighting in offices. 

With power costs rising all over the world, power saving LED lights are a boon for corporate offices and commercial spaces. In comparison to incandescent or old traditional lights, LED saves about 70% of energy, resulting in substantial savings in the long run. In offices or workplaces where lighting is required around the clock, LED lights have even bigger benefits.

Power efficiency is the major reasons why businesses and commercial centres are making provision of using LED lighting in new projects and also undertaking LED upgrade in old ones.

Employee safety is one of the top priorities in commercial spaces, and there is nothing more secure than modern LED lighting. LED light has no mercury and gives away very less heat. The ultraviolet rays produced by LED light are negligible as compared to incandescent light bulbs.

Such health benefits are popularizing the usage of LED lighting in shopping centres, IT companies, commercial areas, supermarkets, hospitals, schools, colleges, government offices, etc.

Conference rooms

Conference and meeting rooms play host to a wide variety of visual tasks or activities. There are typically two main lighting scenarios in play:

  • Illumination that supports effective interpersonal communication.
  • Illumination that supports effective transfer of information to individuals or groups by a presenter using a variety of audiovisual media systems.

In this setting, flexibility is the key. Often, two or more lighting systems will be used, functioning independently or in harmony with one another to create “lighting scenarios” depending on the activity or task.

Conference rooms are the most versatile spaces in the building, the spectrum range from prestigious customer meetings and multimedia presentations to creative brainstorming. An ideal atmosphere for these important activities is desired for better business performance. Studies have shown that light colours affect our psychology and mood: cooler colours promote wakefulness and productivity while warmer colours tend to promote relaxation. Adjusting the lighting colour in a conference room and creating the right atmosphere for conference-related activities is crucial for the success of the business.

Moreover, lighting system in a conference room shall allow users to adjust brightness for different types of activities, such as opening, reading, writing, presenting, and discussions.

Lighting concepts based on the principles of Human Centric Lighting are also suitable for conference rooms. ADSLED thus makes an active contribution to supporting concentration and receptiveness during lectures or creative brainstorming.


Holistic solutions for you

Create the lighting you desire in your boardroom, meeting room and conference rooms. Our ADSLED range of LED Lighting for meeting rooms has been designed to emit reliable, low-glare light that is backed with a 50,000 hour lifespan (5 years), replacing the need to change your lighting every year!

LED lighting has been proven to increase productivity within the working environment, eliminating Sick Building Syndrome which is associated with poor lighting.

We have many LED lighting solutions designed for office environments to aid concentration, eliminating staff sickness, boosting staff performance. Choose from our LED Light Discs, Downlights, Ceiling Panels and Tubes – all of which offer incredible energy saving of up to 85% with zero maintenance.



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