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Cosy Atmosphere for your shopping experinced.

LED lighting can contribute to creating a cosy environment in the shopping mall. The LED light can be adjusted with regard to luminosity and colour temperature, and the light can even follow the circadian rhythm. This means that the light is warm in the morning and evening hours, whereas it is cooler during the day.


Enhance Customer Experince. 

There are so many elements that can make a difference in the success of a brick and mortar business, even down to the simplest of choices like lighting. Although easily overlooked, lighting can play a major role in creating an atmosphere that not only brings customers in but retains them.

Traditional lighting fixtures tend to either give off a dull, low level illumination or a harsh florescent beam, which drain focus and energy. In this case, LED lighting becomes a tool instead of a hindrance by giving off high-level illumination that directs the attention back to where it should be – on your products. Strategically situating LED directly on your products will help to steer people towards them while they’re in store.

LED lights not only help to direct customer attention to the areas you want them to see, but they also improve the overall atmosphere in and out of your store. LED lighting can be strategically placed to help you better define and set the mood. Where traditional lighting produces tinted, unnatural lighting, retail LEDs give off an inviting brightness that grabs peoples attention, draws them in and leaves them with a pleasant experience that will bring them back again. 

A simple change of lighting can make a big difference in the experiences that your customers have at your retail store. LED retail lighting gives you the ability to control your environment better to offer an inviting and safe place for them to go.


Shopping Centres

Lighting is one of the most important decisions when designing a shopping centre.LED lighting provides an efficient choice where lighting needs to be utilised for at least 10 hours per day and maintenance costs need to be minimised.

As well as considering the overall energy cost of the luminaires chosen, an efficient range with the minimum number of different styles should be chosen to reduce maintenance costs and complexity.

 The mall illumination should provide a natural, comfortable atmosphere which improves the shopper’s experience and doesn’t detract from the stores.

Light is needed not only in a wide variety of shops, but also in adjoining areas, connecting paths, stairwells, restaurants, event areas and parking facilities.

Rush hours are a hot topic for access roads and parking facilities in shopping centres. Clear orientation and good visibility are essential to ensure a smooth flow of traffic. ADSLED supplies luminaires with high lighting quality which, thanks to state-of-the-art technology and sensor technology, also massively reduce operating costs.

LED technology is growing rapidly for lighting applications, and with a worldwide focus on being “green”, more lighting designers, engineers and facility managers are considering LED as an energy efficient lighting solution. ADSLED offers suitable solutions for shops, restaurants, department stores, integrated markets or associated medical centres as well as for connecting arcades and stairwells – luminaires and many years of project experience from a single source.

Whether it be upgrades to existing or for new installations, ADSLED brings LED lighting technology from leading international manufacturers to the ASEAN markets.


shops and boutiques

Light creates atmosphere via contrast, light colour and light intensity. The type of light that we see unconsciously arouses our emotions. The right light creates exactly the right atmosphere to display goods in a sales-promoting way. In the fashion sector, LED solutions are ideally suitable due to their colour rendering that ensures optimum recognition of colours and materials. For example with the Sistema, making customised general and accent lighting especially simple.

The first glance into the shop must make you want more. This includes attractive shop-window lighting that presents the highlights of your range in an advantageous way, for example with point light sources or dynamic accent lighting. Just as important is a warm, friendly lighting atmosphere that draws visitors inside the store. 

Characteristic for boutiques are changing decorations, displays and promotions. With flexible lighting solutions from ADSLED you are prepared for all conversions without losing your style or the impact of your brand at the same time. At the same time, the luminaires that work exclusively with LEDs help you save energy every day and keep your balance sheet as low as possible in terms of electricity costs.

Changing cubicles are only a small part of a shop, but they still deserve to be an elementary part of an overall lighting concept. This is where the customer finally makes the most important decision: Buy? Yes or no? As natural light as possible with very good, realistic colour rendering protects customers from disappointment later on.

Highbay luminaires

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