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Cost Efficiency & Reduce Operational Overheads.

ADSLED help you simultaneously increase your lux levels and reduce your operational overheads. Our consultants will work with you to deliver (and optionally install) a lighting design which meets your requirement and budget.

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Decreased maintenance requirements

Decreased maintenance requirements. As discussed above, LED lights have a lifespan that is four to forty times longer than many conventional bulbs. This means fewer replacements for bulbs that wear out. LED lighting technology also generates light differently than typical fuel and filament lighting by using a diode. This means that there are fewer moving pieces to break, and consequently, fewer repairs or replacements. Maintenance is an especially important consideration when it comes to industrial lighting or warehouse lighting. By definition, high bay lights have higher mounting heights, which means that changing a bulb requires some specialized equipment or creativity. Scaffolding, catwalks, and hydraulic lifts are generally used to swap or replace bulbs, and each of these can result in additional maintenance or equipment costs. Again, the lifespan of industrial LED lighting means that fixtures need to be changed much less often, which means savings for your bottom line

Improved Llighting Quality

Industrial LED lighting and high bay lights will typically score better in a head-to-head comparisons against most other bulbs when it comes to color rendering index (CRI), correlated color temperature (CCT), and foot candles. CRI is a measurement of a light’s ability to reveal the actual color of objects as compared to an ideal light source (natural light). In non-technical terms, CCT generally describes the “glow” given off by a bulb – is it warm (reddish), or cold (bluish white)? Foot candles compare the amount of light coming from a source and the amount of light hitting the desired surface; they’re basically a measure of efficiency. On all three fronts, LED lights perform very well.

LED lighting helps keep you and your workers cool

If you run a factory or warehouse, it’s likely that your workspace will get too hot from time to time – especially in summer! While there is no upper limit within warehouses and factories. Another great benefit of LED lighting is that it gives off minimal heat. In contrast, standard incandescent lighting emits 90% heat; all of which is wasted.

Are you considering increasing your air-conditioning as a result of excess heat in the workplace? If so, you should be aware that changing your lighting rig may reduce the need for such installations or upgrades. In addition, the lack of heat makes them safer and less susceptible to fire.

LEDs last longer for even bigger savings

High bay LED lighting can last up to 80,000 hours; 10 times longer than either CFL or fluorescent lights.

They’re also more durable. In fact, LED lights are pretty much damage-proof and require little maint

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